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The RStoolbox package provides a set of functions which simplify performing standard remote sensing tasks in R.

Data Import and Export

  • readMeta: import Landsat metadata from MTL or XML files

  • stackMeta, getMeta: load Landsat bands based on metadata

  • readSLI & writeSLI: read and write ENVI spectral libraries

  • saveRSTBX & readRSTBX: save and re-import RStoolbox classification objects (model and map)

  • readEE: import and tidy EarthExplorer search results

Data Pre-Processing

  • radCor: radiometric conversions and corrections. Primarily, yet not exclusively, intended for Landsat data processing. DN to radiance to reflectance conversion as well as DOS approaches

  • topCor: topographic illumination correction

  • cloudMask & cloudShadowMask: mask clouds and cloud shadows in Landsat or other imagery which comes with a thermal band

  • classifyQA: extract layers from Landsat 8 QA bands, e.g. cloud confidence

  • encodeQA & decodeQA: encode/decode Landsat 16-bit QA bands.

  • rescaleImage: rescale image to match min/max from another image or a specified min/max range

  • normImage: normalize imagery by centering and scaling

  • oneHotEncode: one-hot encode a raster or vector

  • histMatch: matches the histograms of two scenes

  • pifMatch: matches one scene to another based on linear regression of Pseudo-Invariant Features (PIF)

  • coregisterImages: co-register images based on mutual information

  • panSharpen: sharpen a coarse resolution image with a high resolution image (typically panchromatic)

  • estimateHaze: estimate image haze for Dark Object Subtraction (DOS)

Data Analysis

Data Display

  • ggR: single raster layer plotting with ggplot2

  • ggRGB: efficient plotting of remote sensing imagery in RGB with ggplot2