RStoolbox: Tools for Remote Sensing Data Analysis in R

The Package

RStoolbox is a R package providing a wide range of tools for your every-day remote sensing processing needs. The available toolset covers many aspects from data import, pre-processing, data analysis, image classification and graphical display. RStoolbox builds upon the raster package, which makes it suitable for processing large data-sets even on smaller workstations. Moreover in most parts decent support for parallel processing is implemented. The package is published under GPL3.

Installing RStoolbox

RStoolbox is now available from CRAN and can be installed as usual with


To get the latest development version, install RStoolbox directly from the github repository. Apart from R itself, you’ll also need to have r-base-dev (Linux) or Rtools (Windows) installed to compile the package.


Use the Source

You can view or fork the most recent code on my GitHub repository or grab the latest source tarball from here.


I am grateful for any feedback on RStoolbox. Please do not hesitate to report an issue here if you discover bugs or have a feature idea. If you find the package useful I’d love to hear about it as well. Just drop me an email if you like: