• Landsat 8 Esun Values

    26 January 2016

    Extra-terrestrial solar irradiation (Esun) has been a frequently required variable in several classic remote sensing image correction approaches. It is often needed to convert/normalize radiance to reflectance and also by several simple atmospheric correction approaches like dark object subtraction (DOS).

    Nowadays, much more sophisiticated atmospherically corrected products, e.g. Landsat CDR LEDAPS data and correction procedures, e.g. 6SV are...</div> </li>

  • RStoolbox made it to CRAN

    10 September 2015

    RStoolbox After well over a year of (on-and-off) development we dared to knock on the menacing gates of CRAN. Intensive testing and an intimate relationship with R CMD check payed out and with little further changes RStoolbox was accepted and can now be installed via install.packages("RStoolbox"). Hooray :-)

    But not so fast! You...</div> </li>

  • Use the Source, Luke!

    07 March 2015

    To find the the source, follow the Octocat you must.

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